Homestay in Japan

Homestay is when one person from one country stays with a family in another country. Typically, everything is taken care of for the home-stayer. That includes three meals a day, washing of clothing, and room cleaning. The home-stayer gains a first-hand opportunity to learn about the life and culture in the country where he or she is staying. There is also the opportunity to learn a new language and to help your host family members to learn about your language and culture.

For travelers on a budget, homestay can be a real bargain over hotels and other types of accommodation, particularly for long-term travel. Many hosts choose to have guests in their home not only to supplement their income but also because they simply enjoy meeting travelers from around the world; profit is often not their primary motive (and some hosts make no profit at all).

While living with a family for a few nights or a few weeks, you can practice a new language, learn to cook traditional dishes, get the inside scoop on local politics or see a neighborhood through the eyes of someone who lives there.

Homestay are offered for various lengths of time, among them are three month, six month, and one year home stay opportunities.

Homestay in Japan is the way to go if you…

  • Want to experience Japanese culture and customs
  • Want to improve your Japanese language
  • Want to make friends and connections in Japan
  • Want to travel to Japan for sightseeing
  • Want to see what it’s like to live in Japan

Homestay in Japan can be a wonderful experience for international students if they find the right family that is concerned about them AND if students have realistic expectations on what the homestay experience will be like.

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