About German Language

More people speak German as their native language than any other language in Europe. It’s no wonder, since Germany’s 83 million inhabitants make it the most populous European nation. However, not only do the residents of Germany speak German, it is also the official language of Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein. And it is the native language of a significant portion of the population in northern Italy, eastern Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, eastern France, parts of Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, and Romania, as well as in other parts of Europe.

While learning German can connect you to 120 million native speakers around the globe, remember that many people also learn German as a second language. It is the 3rd most popular foreign language taught worldwide and the second most popular language in Europe and Japan, after English.

English speakers will find that much of the German language is familiar to them. That’s because English and German are both Germanic languages, and thus have much in common. Does the phrase “Ich war hier” look familiar to “I was here?” The sentence “Mein Haus ist rot” certainly appears similar to its English translation, “My house is red.”
Languages like French, Spanish and Italian belong to the Romance language family, not to the Germanic language group, which may make them harder to learn for native English speakers.

It takes years to gain a thorough understanding of German, as is the case with all languages. Nevertheless, its shared origins with English make it one of the easier foreign languages to learn.

Our German Language Lesson

  • Taught by qualified and experienced NATIVE BILINGUAL instructors
  • These courses focus on the four basic modules of communication skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • The language could easily be learned by learners of all levels (students, business people, professionals, children, housewives, etc)

We are offering the following courses in German language:

  • Regular Classes
  • Business Classes
  • Conversational Classes
  • Private Classes (one on one)
  • Kids Classes
  • Holiday Intensive Courses
Level : All Levels (Ranging from Beginner to Advanced Levels)
Frequency : Once a week for weekend classes (10 lessons @ 2 hours per lesson)
Twice a week for weekday classes (10 lessons @ 2 hours per lesson)